Tuesday, January 11, 2005

Intelligent Design -- Another Concept that Closes the Mind

While wrestling with a persistent advocate of 'Intelligent Design' at a forum on Evolution and Creation, it occured to me that the mental mechanism of this idea is similar to that of inerrancy. It closes the mind and puts an end to inquiry. To modify a statement that I quoted in the previous blog:

To say creation is by 'Intelligent Design' is to put an end to questioning. It is the conclusion of one brand of human logic. It is the answer to the only question a fundamentalist cares to ask. Once this conclusion is drawn, inquiry is ended and nothing further needs to be discovered, discussed or explained. For those who put faith in this brand of logic, 'Intelligent Design' is an 'exhaustive' summary of the truth and meaning of science.
I happen to believe that an 'Intelligence' (God) created the universe and that it is 'well designed' (good). That, however, is a conclusion drawn by faith. It has nothing to do with the political wedge issue concocted by right-wing Christians in an attempt to force public schools to teach their brand of religion as science.


Pepper said...

Dr. Prescott,

I came across your article quite by accident -- but may I say, what a happy accident!

You have beautifully and intelligently explained that science and religion don't have to be at odds, that the universe can still be explored without destroying anyone's view of a deity.

Thank you for a wonderful read.


Dr. Bruce Prescott said...

Glad you enjoyed it.

Leighton said...

Just a quick plug--a couple of sites on evolution and/or Intelligent Design that I find helpful are Talk Origins, which addresses evolution specifically, and the Panda's Thumb blog which primarily with the Intelligent Design movement. They're good resources for researching the perspective of mainstream science on this issue.