Thursday, March 17, 2005

Dominionism and the Old South

A few days ago I wrote a blog about the Dominionist takeover strategy and mentioned that I had ordered a Dominionist homeschool textbook called America's Providential History.

My used copy of that book arrived in the mail yesterday and I can tell you that the book is a work of art. The cover is a color picture of George Washington on his knees in the snow at Valley Forge. Drawings, diagrams, sketches and pictures are embedded on every other page.

The pictures and sketches within the chapter on "The War for the Union" are particularly striking. The first picture is of Confederate troops, followed by a picture of the Lincoln Memorial, then sketch of John Brown after his capture, then small sketches of Daniel Webster, Henry Clay, and John C. Calhoun, then a picture of Stonewall Jackson and his men at prayer, followed by a sketch of Robert E. Lee, then a full page sketch of Stonewall Jackson on his knees praying for his army to be baptized with the Holy Spirit, followed by a 1/2 page picture of Lincoln signing the Emanipation Proclamation, followed by another small sketch of Stonewall Jackson, then a 3/4 page picture of Pickett's charge, followed by a 1/3 page picture of Robert E. Lee, followed by a 1/2 page picture of Lee praying with his soldiers, then a 1/2 page picture of Lincoln delivering the Gettysburg address. All that for 19 pages of 8 1/2 x 11 text.

The chapter following "The War for Union" is entitled "The American Apostacy and Decline." Here's the first paragraph:
Only if we correctly identify and diagnose the true cause of America's problems, can we begin to really solve them. Most Christians today place the blame on various conspiracies of men: the humanists, the ACLU, the big bankers, the Trilateral Commission, the New Age Movement, the World Council of Churches, the Homosexuals, the Feminists, the Communists, the Democrats, the Pope, etc. Information regarding such groups and their activities can be useful, yet must never be regarded as the source of our problems.

The book goes on to say that "Christians are Responsible. The church has been given authority to shape history. If our nation is in awful condition, God holds us responsible."

The next chapter is entitled "The Power for Reforming America" and lays out the takeover strategy that I wrote about in a blog a few days ago. That chapter is followed by the book's conclusion which delineates seven principles of "biblical" liberty.

Clearly, the Old South has been rising under a new banner. Now I know where Lifeway Books is finding the market for its biographies of Stonewall Jackson. (Lifeway is the Southern Baptist Convention's publishing house)


tiglathpilezerx said...

Lyndon Johnson remarked when signing the Civil Rights Act of 1965 that the South would be lost to the Republicans for the next generation. This book as you described it makes it plain that the Ku Klux Klan has left their white sheets behind and have taken over the pulpits. Unfortunately everyone thinks the KKK only terrorized blacks, it was also a morals conformity association terrorizing anyone in their community that was living in sin, not going to church regularly, or tithing. All the pictures of R E Lee and Thomas Jackson praying does not absolve them of the fact they were fighting to keep human beings in bondage contrary to the God's will they were praying to.

Anonymous said...

This grieves me. As a Southerner who is proud of her ancestry and has a great-grandfather named for Stonewall Jackson, I am especially outraged that my heritage is being co-opted for such ugly, hateful purposes.