Wednesday, March 16, 2005

I'm Just a Layman, But ---

On economic matters, I'm just a layman. But -- when Bush sends his chief war strategist to be head of the World Bank, it is probably a signal that world monetary policy has come to the forefront of U.S. strategic interests.

Here are a few reasons why we should all be concerned:

1) The days of cheap oil have ended.

2) U.S. government spending is being shifted from the domestic economy to defense.

3) There are growing fears that the global credit boom is about to implode.

4) China is emerging as a military and economic superpower.

Those who only have time to follow one link should follow the link on China. It summarizes all the other trends.

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Anonymous said...

Fuzzy territorial claims have a history of starting wars. For China to claim Taiwan, which it hasn't controlled for over a hundred years (if it ever really substantially controlled it), is one of those things that could cause a very big war in the future. I would count on China to play the "U.S. Dollar card" at some point to get the territory they want. The person in the White House at that time will determine whether Taiwan is sacrificed to the Chinese Tiger to save the world from an economic meltdown.