Monday, May 23, 2005

Common Sense about Healthcare

Dr. Robin Cook's article, Decoding Health Insurance in yesterday's New York Times, reveals that even members of the medical profession are beginning to realize that the current health care system is unsustainable and rapidly approaching dissolution. Here's a quote:

Although I never thought I'd advocate a government-sponsored, obviously non-profit, tax-supported, universal access, single-payer plan, I've changed my mind: the sooner we move to such a system, the better off we will be. Only with universal health care will we be able to pool risk for the entire country and share what nature has dealt us; only then will there be no motivation for anyone or any organization to ferret out an individual's confidential, genetic makeup.

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grandma1 said...

Hillary wasn't so far off was she? When they were talking about managed healthcare being so great I could see where we were going. Unfortunately we are going through this in the wrong time of our life. I'm still having trouble getting our medications.