Monday, August 29, 2005

A Conservative Plan for Reducing the National Debt

Associated Press is reporting that every American's share of the national debt is $145,000 and rising.

I've been told that there was a time when "conservative" politicians avoided running up debts and favored balanced budgets. They reportedly believed that running up massive debts and leaving the tab for their children and grandchildren to pay was immoral. That was before my time.

Today conservatives have different values. More than anything else, today they are standing for "family values."

I've been puzzling over how the national debt fits in with "conservatives" idea of "family values." I'm beginning to suspect that opposition to birth control and family planning could prove to be a brilliant strategy for reducing the burden of the national debt. If Southern Baptists like Al Mohler and others can help get the population to grow significantly faster than the debt their "conservative" family values politicians are piling up, they may have found a way to claim that tax cuts for the wealthy reduced the per capital burden of the national debt without raising a single cent in taxes and without a single cent being paid on the debt. More babies, more suckers to saddle with debt.

Such strategic, long-term thinking could put ole "Kenny Boy" Lay and the best-in-class accountants at Enron to shame.


Greek Shadow said...

The other solution is to open the floodgates of immigration, but then that would bring in "Those" people.

trinity said...

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