Sunday, August 14, 2005

Justice Sunday II Highlights Baptist Divisions

The Lexington N.C. Dispatch has published an outstanding story quoting Hollyn Hollman and Bill Leonard about how Justice Sunday II highlights the divisions among Baptists. Here's a quote from Hollyn Hollman:
"We're very interested in making sure that a large Baptist gathering doesn't speak for all Baptists," said Hollyn Hollman, general counsel for the Baptist Joint Committee for Religious Liberty. Religious freedom is best maintained when politics and religion are kept apart, she said.

Here's a quote from Bill Leonard discussing differences among Baptists after the Fundamentalist takeover of the SBC:
Since then, a sharp divide has emerged. Conservative Southern Baptists "believe secularism is an unofficial established religion," Leonard said. "They are always dissenting against secularism to claim a rightful place for Christians to practice their faith.

"On the other hand, Leonard said, the Baptist Joint Committee believe their Southern cousins "are looking to privilege their kind of religion with some kind of state support and are themselves looking to become an unofficial established state religion."

Kudos to both Hollman and Leonard for helping keep the record straight about the Baptist heritage supporting separation of church and state.