Sunday, August 07, 2005

Podcast: National Energy Policy

Bob Stephenson Interview # 2 -- 8/7/05 radio interview of Oklahoma City Petroleum Geologist Bob Stephenson. Follow-up to our 7/10/05 interview about "Peak Oil." In this interview Stephenson critiques the recently passed energy bill, talks about the restructuring at the University of Oklahoma to create a broader energy department, and outlines his proposal for OU and the Sarkey Foundation to take the lead in developing a national energy policy with input from nationally recognized experts on energy, the environment, science and technology working openly without influence from politicians or industry lobbyists.


callieischatty said...

Top 10 Ways Jews Can Retaliate Against Presbyterian Divestment in Israel
by Jake Novak
10) Begin counter-boycott of Hellmann's Mayonnaise and Wonder Bread

9) Stop supporting all the Presbyterian comedians... oh wait, there aren't any!

8) Wear white shoes after Labor Day

7) Stop serving watercress sandwiches at Shabbat Kiddush

6) Replace Muzak in Jewish doctor's offices with Klezmer CD's

5) Secretly replace all references to John Calvin in Presbyterian doctrine with "Calvin Klein"

4) Initiate hostile takeover of L.L. Bean

3) Crash the next party at the country club

2) Water down the booze in junior's sippy cup

1) Let them do their own damn taxes!

The "Top 10" above was published in my Jewish Week column last month (May, 2005). And I did get some hate mail for it. Of course, I shrugged it off because if anyone doesn't see the humor in a church group that said nothing during the Holocaust deciding it can make moral pronouncements against Jews anywhere... than I don't see where you're going to see it. I'm no fan of moral relativisim, but if you're going to bash another group moral activities, check your own balance sheet first.

Greek Shadow said...

Scratching my head over that post callieischatty. Nothing was said on this thread about Presbyterians.