Monday, August 22, 2005

Robertson Defames the Name of Christ

Media Matters is reporting that Pat Robertson has suggested on the 700 Club that the President of Venezuela should be assassinated.

For Robertson to make such a suggestion on a broadcast that advertises itself as "Christian" is more than disgraceful, it is disgusting.

Robertson and other extremists have hijacked our faith and they are destroying the credibility of the gospel in the eyes of the world.

There ought to be some way to distinguish Christians who follow the teachings of Jesus from those who wear the label while ignoring the teachings of Christ and defaming the name of Jesus -- particularly when they literally advocate violence on a broadcast beamed around the world.


Motherlode said...

How about "so-called Christians" or "pseudo-Christians"?

Dr. Bruce Prescott said...


I've also heard someone on another blog use the word "Christianists"

jayne said...

I have never been a fan of Robertson, but this is a new low. I'm absolutely disgusted- when "Christians" in the spotlight make statements such as this, they are putting a nasty mark on the religion, causing non-Christians who might otherwise turn to Christ to turn away instead. For years, before I knew Christ, I searched for answers in other religions- Buddhism, Wicca, Hinduism, you name it. I found everything so empty and ultimately called myself an agnostic. There was one place I never would have considered had it not been for my husband- Christianity. My reasons: Pat Robertson, Jerry Falwell, and a handful of other outspoken Christians made it seem...shameful? I can't put my finger on it right now- I'm too dismayed. I need a break...I know a lot of lost people look at these examples and think exactly as I did...I guess all we can do is combat their message with the truth.

Greek Shadow said...

Moral Mafia putting out a literal "Hit". Don Robertson telling the world "Hey it's not personal, just business."
The man should be classified as a terrorist at the level of Khomeni when he advocated the same treatment for Salmon Rushdie.

MsPenni said...

Unfortunately the 700 club seems to gravitate to the brainless, "plastic" and childlike christians. They do seem to be very large stumbling blocks.
Maybe, Robertson should think before he inserts his feet up to is bottom.

Curious said...

Perhaps Robertson should read Tony Campolo about "Following Jesus Without Embarrassing God."

SmallGlimpses said...

Just noticed that Reuters picked up the story. It's the second link in their Yahoo news feed. It was posted on 8/23 at 6pm CST. btw...after I read your blog entry I decided to send the 700 club and ABCFamily an email asking them to admonish Mr Robertson. I don't think they will, but I'm glad I spoke up.

Monk-in-Training said...

This Robertson thing is simply a symptom of Christo-politicos getting more and more into their own world and not the world of the Gospels. I know faithful belivers here in Tulsa that listen to Right-Wing talk radio for hours and read their Bible for just minutes a week, if that. The horrid thing here is that a trained Minister like Rev. Robertson SHOULD know the Gospel at least as well as his flock.

I would like to offer this Gospel based prayer for all those we disagree with.

God, the Father of all, Whose Son commanded us to love our enemies: Lead them and us from prejudice to truth; deliver them and us from hatred, cruelty, and revenge; and in Your good time enable us all to stand reconciled before you; through Jesus Christ our Lord. Amen.

Dr. Bruce Prescott said...


We do need to keep telling the world the truth.

Greek Shadow,

Thanks for the insightful analogy.


Robertson's certainly making a pretzel of himself.


I agree. Campolo could teach Robertson a lot.


I'm glad you spoke up to ABC. Real Christians can no longer afford to remain quiet.


Thanks for posting your prayer on this blog. I'll say Amen! to it.

Marty said...

Journalist Amy Goodman of "Democracy Now" had an informative discussion about Pat Robertson with Chris Hedges and Michael Ratner today, Wednesday August 24. It can be accessed at