Tuesday, January 10, 2006

Whatever Became of Bill Gothard?

In the 1970's Bill Gothard led "Basic Youth Conflicts" seminars all over the country in which he proclaimed the virtues of the patriarchal chain of command family structure.

In the 1980's he slipped from the evangelical circuit's limelight.

Silja Tavli has written an essay entitled "Cult of Character" published in In These Times that reveals some of what Gothard has been doing lately.

I did a little research on Gothard's Character Training Institute a couple years ago when I stumbled on information about a local city becoming one of his "character cities." I haven't had time to do any research in depth. My initial impression is that Gothard has found a way to make a handsome living repackaging his old "Character Sketch" material and selling it to public schools and city governments. All he did to give it a secular appearance was to remove the bible quotes and biblical citations.

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Jay Rowland said...

The students who grew up under Bill Gothard are now adults, and they are exposing his false teachings...as well as his refusal to follow his own rules. www.RecoveringGrace.org