Thursday, February 02, 2006

Blogger May Prevail Over IMB Trustees

In what could prove to be a stunning success for the blogosphere, Oklahoma blogger Wade Burleson may succeed in getting the trustees at the Southern Baptist Convention's International Mission Board to rescind their recommendation that he be removed from their board.

Ethics Daily is reporting that Burleson had a meeting with the chair and vice chair of the board of trustees for the IMB and left predicting that their recommendation for his removal will be rescinded.

Removing a trustee from a board or agency of the SBC requires 75% of the votes at a meeting of the Southern Baptist Convention. In the entire history of the SBC no trustee has ever been removed by action of the Convention on recommendation of a board of trustees.

If Burleson's prediction proves true, it indicates that principled dissent in the SBC remains possible so long as you can get yourself elected to a position on a board of trustees, write blogs, and threaten to organize a movement that might secure 25% of the votes at an SBC Convention.

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