Monday, February 20, 2006

Politicians Asking for Church Directories, Again

Saturday's Wahington Post carried a story about the GOP in North Carolina asking for church directories.

Republicans are not alone in asking for church directories. A couple years ago I heard a Democrat running for the state legislature in Oklahoma ask for church directories. When people complained, he insisted that he could not compete unless he could communicate as effectively as his opponent.

That the North Carolina GOP itself, and not an individual politician, is asking for church directories may be a sign of looming power struggles within the GOP. In the past, Republican politicians were content to let right-wing preachers communicate the GOP's message to their parishoners. Now they want to communicate it themselves.

Since the supreme court has been stacked, perhaps Republican politicians are beginning to worry about the rest of the theocratic and Dominionist agenda being pushed by the preachers that they have been courting for three decades.

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Marty said...

That practice could quickly be put to rest if those being asked for the directories refused to hand them over.