Sunday, May 21, 2006

Oklahoma's Monument to American Theocracy

This is a four part series about the Ten Commandments Monument on the Haskell County Courthouse lawn in Stigler, Oklahoma.

Part One, gives an opinion on whether the monument is religious in nature and whether it endorses biblical religion.

Part Two, gives and opinion on whether the monument endorses a sectarian interpretation of the Bible and whether it endorses a Christian covenant.

Part Three, gives an opinion on whether the monument could be perceived to endorse a Christian theocracy.

Part Four, gives and opinion on whether the monument strongly endorses a Christian democratic theocracy.


Chris Johnson said...

Hello Pastor I enjoyed reading your blog, I try to keep a news blog but alas, as a youth minister time is precious. Anyway the thing that bothers me about these 10 commandment monuments is that they aren't even endorsing say Christianity they endorse more importantly "Protestant" theology, as they differ slightly for us (not that importantly) . I realize that as a Baptist you may be alright with that but from a purley academic point of view they do not endorse the complete faith.

Your Brother in the Faith,

lhsjan said...

Dear Pastor, I commend you for the 10 commandments monument fight. I just don't understand why this has to be torn down. September 24,2009, Hawaii will start celebrating “Islam Day”. How can this be? Isn't that promoting a specific religion? I pray for our country as it heads in a direction I do not care for. I know God made this land grand! I continue to trust in God’s plan and His will. God bless you!