Friday, August 18, 2006

The President as a Law Unto Himself

While the mainstream media is focused on the ruling that Bush's NSA wiretapping is illegal, I found this article about "No freedom on July 4th" to be very interesting.

This administration not only ignores the clear mandates of the law, it orders that people be arrested for imaginary charges.


Snoofy said...

If the Bush campaign wanted to control who came to their rally or what people wore, they would need to hold their event on private property. Though Jeff and Nicole Rank said they did not intend to interrupt the speaker, I'm wondering if they could have legally been arrested in that case. Heckling of speakers was common in the war protests of the 60's and 70's. Is that behavior on public property considered illegal today? It seems when someone makes an interrupting outburst these days they are hauled off. Certainly when groups with competing agendas stage competing rallies in close proximity (as occurred in some of the Sheehan rallies), law enforcement needs some clear guidelines to keep "war" from breaking out.

Jim Paslay said...

My, My, My our current President must be the biggest lawbreaker in U.S. History. It is amazing how you can strain a Bush and swallow a Clinton! The man is a believer and seeks God on a daily basis and you treat him like he is Adolf Hitler reincarnated. Do something for me. Try just one time giving him credit for something! The word is balance, Bruce!