Friday, September 29, 2006

Welcome Mainstream United Methodists!

I just got an e-mail about the formation of Mainstream United Methodists in Oklahoma. MUM is a group of moderate and liberal Methodists who are organizing to counteract the growing influence of fundamentalism within the Methodist church.

Here are some excerpts from the e-mail I just received:

After some reluctance and struggle, we are united and excited about our new name! The official title of our group was Oklahoma Evangelical Liberal Fellowship.

It is now, by majority vote and discussions of the OELF Steering Committee changed to:

Mainstream United Methodists

We are keeping the same theological purpose statements including both words: Evangelical and Liberal. Let us work to be authentically "more" evangelical (more vocal in sharing our Christ centered faith) and Methodist-liberal, (open, inclusive, and grace-filled.)

. . .

The laity meeting will focus on understanding the process of lay elections for Lay Delegates at our Oklahoma Annual Conference. It is very important to contact and bring your active, mainstream United Methodist members AND your (anticipated) Lay Delegates to Annual Conference to learn about the process.

At both meetings there will be worship, singing, and a thoughtful or inspirational speaker with discussion. The election matters will be introduced nearer the close of each meeting.

Acting Chairperson: Sam Powers

Pray for and encourage the Mainstream Methodists as they work to prevent the fundamentalist takeover of their denomination.

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