Thursday, October 05, 2006

On Post-Christendom Christianity

Associated Baptist Press has posted an interesting essay by David Gushee on "Post-Christendom Christianity." He says,

A growing number of Christian writers are embracing the idea that the United States is moving into a post-Christendom phase and that the church should not resist this transition. This has significant implications for the very hotly debated question of how faith intersects with politics.
In my opinion, these writers are a little late to the table. American culture moved to a post-Christian phase long ago.

American Christianity itself, in it's most visible public persona, also moved to a post-Christian phase long ago. Southern Baptists and other evangelicals gave up on the foolishness of preaching a quarter century ago. Instead, they have been slowly taking over the GOP in order to restore Christendom by force of law.

Post-Christian partisan political loyalty is the obvious explanation for why Ethics Daily is running a story today about "Religious Right Muted in Criticism of Foley."


foxofbama said...

You and Gushee both need to read Tom Edsall's Bldg Red America and its inferences for this very discussion, realpolitik inferences I will let you ferret.
And check my blog. Some interesting things I am onto here at the grass roots level as try to translate to the people.
And there is news about the new Ex Dir of Bama CBF, a PHD in poli sci

Tripp Hudgins said...

I think it all depends on where you live. Chicago and Detroit...well it is post Protestant Christendom to be sure. The RCC is doing fine in Chicago. More Catholics here than in the entire ECUSA.

The being said, the habits of Sunday services etc have been on the wane for a long time in most places. Culturally it is a rare things in affluent areas...where the travelling soccer team helps your kid get to college and showing up to church does not.

A friend is a priest in Mississippi. The ECUSA bishop down there has suggested that they are simply a generation behind those of us in the northern midwest or the East coast, for example.

So, it all matters where you are.

Thus endeth the picking of nits.