Tuesday, July 10, 2007

Knotheaded Neo-Cons Never Learn

William Kristol, editor of the Weekly Standard and one of America's foremost Neo-conservative intellectuals, is deriding the Republican Senators who are talking about withdrawing troops from Iraq. Here's what Jim Lobe quotes him as saying:

"They are pre-9/11 Republicans," wrote William Kristol, the editor of the Weekly Standard, about Sens. Richard Lugar, George Voinovich, Pete Dominici, and John Warner, the four most-senior Republicans who have called for a change of course in Iraq over the past week.

"They have been followers of conventional opinion (during their 20-plus-year Senate careers), not leaders," he went on. "Now they are following conventional wisdom again, in their stately way, in turning against the Iraq war."
Kristol has been head cheerleader for war in Iraq since the end of the first Gulf war. The fact that neither he, nor the bulk of the neo-conservatives in this country, have the intellect nor integrity to admit that they made a humongous mistake in calling for war with Iraq does not speak well for the annointed intelligensia of the United States.

Kristol is no intellectual. Intellectuals can learn from their mistakes. Only knotheads refuse to admit that they make them.


BigAssBelle said...

my head is spinning. you are Baptist? and you don't want this war? oh. my. stars. how lovely to find you.

Scribe said...

Another great post, which is why I've tagged you with a "Thinking Blogging Award", which you can read about here.