Thursday, April 10, 2008

Democrats Walk Out of Statehouse in Oklahoma

A few weeks ago I went to the Oklahoma State Capitol to speak against some legislation and was refused permission to speak at the House education committee meeting. It became obvious to me that day that the only people permitted to speak at committee meetings, other than the state representatives on the committee, were those who spoke in favor of legislation favored by the Republican majority.

Apparently this tactic has become standard operating procedure in most House Committees now that Republicans have control of the House of Representatives. Today the Democrats at the Capitol have had enough. They just walked out of the Capitol to protest the Republican leadership's censuring citizens who wish to express opinions in opposition to their agenda.

As news of their walkout reached me, I could not help but note the similarities between the tactics of Republicans at the Oklahoma statehouse and the tactics of the fundamentalist leadership at the SBC's International Mission Board that Wade Burleson is blogging about in my previous post.

It should come as no surprise. In many instances, the leaders of the SBC takeover and the leaders of the Republican party in Oklahoma are intimately related. A prime example is State Representative Sally Kern who introduced the legislation that I went to the Capitol to oppose. Her husband, Steve Kern, pastor of Olivet Baptist Church in Oklahoma City, is a prominent member of the fundamentalist takeover movement in Oklahoma.


James said...

Rep. Sally Kern was asked recently on a local TV news program what would she do if she had a gay son. She replied she would love him all the more as he would need it.

Yet, Kern continues to insist that gays are more dangerous than terrorists or Islam.

If there is a mother proclaiming to the world that gays are more dangerous than terrorists and Islam and hypothetically has a gay son, and in a public forum has said if she had a gay son she would love him all the more, she has a severe mental condition and has forfeited any resemblance of respect for her virulent views from any decent respectable person with any molecule of sense in their education.

How can she proclaim a mother's love for her own son, yet condemn the gay children of other mothers of America?

Why does Sally Kern consider the love for her own children to be more definitive than the love other mothers have for their gay sons, and who don't call them dangerous to our country?

I'm not interested in the sexual orientation of Rep. Kern's children, yet Kern is fascinated with the private lives of total strangers who have caused her no harm whatsoever. I am interested in her hypocrisy.

People and organizations such as those that support Rep.Kern are desirous of only one thing and that is to control others in order to stamp out anything resembling "otherness".

Such a country, if they had their way would no longer be the Democracy Kern claims to be defending, but rather a Theocracy, devoted to the practice of religion, much like the Islamic countries Kern denounces as dangerous.

R.T. said...

More of a question than comment: What is the procedure for a private citizen to be allowed to address a House committee meeting?

Thanks, RT

Jim N said...

I'm not sure about committee meetings of the state legislature.

I would suggest calling the office of your House rep and asking. There's always an assistant in the office even when the Lege is not in session.

Address: 2300 N Lincoln Blvd., State Capitol Building, Oklahoma City, OK 73105
Phone: (405) 521-2711 |
(800) 522-8502 |
(800) 522-8506 (Relay Oklahoma)