Thursday, August 07, 2008

On Conscience and Dissent

Thanks to Robert Cunningham for calling my attention to Sean the Baptist's blog about Bill Leonard's presentation at IBTS last month.

Kudos to Sean for giving us a summary of the speech and discussion about this very important and timely topic. Here's a quote from Sean:

It was good lecture, lively and not too long, and it generated signficant discussion. The main concern expressed was whether Leonard's presentation emphasized the individual conscience to the detriment of the communal conscience and thereby inevitably generated schism. For those in the room of more catholic sensibilities there was some concern over the idea that Baptist identity was too closely identified with notions of individual freedom, not least because this leads to the downplaying of central ecclesiological ideas such as covenant etc. I was also acutely aware that Dr Leonard's take on all this is shaped by the context of current debates amongst Baptists in North America.

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