Tuesday, December 16, 2008

CBF Missionaries and Unease in North Africa

The Washington Post has published a story distributed by Reuters entitled "Christian missionaries stir unease in North Africa." Cooperative Baptist Fellowship missionaries are mentioned in a misleading way in the story. Here's a quote:

Mission groups in North Africa range from broad alliances such as Partners International and Cooperative Baptist Fellowship to small Baptist and Pentecostal churches based in the Americas and Europe, according to their Web sites.

Their activity is growing as churches turn their focus to places where the Christian message is rarely heard, said Dana Robert, world Christianity professor at Boston University.

"With the internet and the increase in travel, you have a democratization of missions where anyone who feels like it can go anywhere they want," said Robert. "The new breed of missionary doesn't have the same historical training as the older established denominations, nor necessarily the cultural training, so there's a bull-in-a-china-shop effect."
It is misleading and just plain wrong for Tom Pfeiffer to leave the impression that CBF missionaries lack historical and cultural training. Many groups send untrained missionaries to the mission field, but CBF is not one of them. It is also wrong to insinuate that anyone associated with CBF might be among those who lack "restraint and discretion."

Pfeiffer owes the Cooperative Baptist Fellowship and its missionaries an apology and a retraction.


A Khudori Soleh said...

salam from khudori. nice blog

Joe Alain said...

I very much doubt that it is the CBF missionaries who are causing the problems. Unfortunately, Pfeiffer is painting the situation with a broad paintbrusth. If anything, CBF missionaries are the ones on international fields who still believe in and practice "Soul Freedom" and would shun any kind of coercion in presenting Christ. On the other hand, I do know some people who will do just about anything to make a convert, genuine or otherwise. These noisy few are the ones who give "Christian" a bad name at home and abroad.