Monday, January 26, 2009

Inhofe Labels Obama a Thug

Oklahoma Senator Jim Inhofe doesn't like Obama's decision to let California and other states regulate the amount of vehicle tailpipe emissions they would permit.

Ordinarily an advocate for more states rights and less centralized government, Inhofe says Obama's decision in this case amounts to "environmental thuggery."

Unfortunately, Inhofe's rhetoric reflects the mindset of most Oklahomans. Many of the titans of Oklahoma industry have a better grasp of the issues, but they continue to find Inhofe to be a most useful idiot for preserving many of their private financial interests.


The Intellectual Redneck said...

The "Big Three" are under bankruptcy watch and begging for more bailout money. President Barack Obama thinks this is a good time to appease his environmental base by weighing Detroit down with a new round of environmental regulations. This is a horrible timing and it will severely damage the ability of the "Big Three" to return to profitability. The first increase in CAFE will take place by the 2011 model year. Detroit is now preparing to launch the 2010 model year in July. Read more here. The "Big Three" are sinking and Barack Obama fires a salvo of torpedoes

Dr. Bruce Prescott said...


The "big three" torpedoed themselves.

They couldn't sell their SUV's before the financial meltdown. They'll never survive unless they sell vehicles that meet the current consumer demand for fuel efficiency.

Ford will soon be selling its European models in the U.S. They meet California standards.

The Chevy Volt is due in late 2010. It meets California standards.

I don't know what Chrysler will be doing.

Yogi♪♪♪ said...

People here in Oklahoma certainly seem to love Senator Inhofe.
I think part of the problem is the lack of competent alternatives who are willing to run.