Thursday, January 08, 2009

Richard John Neuhaus Passes

Richard John Neuhaus, author of The Naked Public Square, has died.

Neuhaus popularized the theme that Theocons and Christian Nationalists have used for decades to chip away at the First Amendmentment's separation of church and state.

While the religious right was taking over the public square and marginalizing everyone who did not support the imposition of conservative Christian values by force of law, Neuhaus incessantly complained that every attempt to preserve religious pluralism and uphold separation of church and state was an attempt to strip the public square of religious voices.

I will not miss his mendacious rhetoric.


Asinus Gravis said...

I wonder whom G. W. Bush will find for his new guru to replace Neuhaus.

Maybe it will be Rick Warren or Richard Land.

RonSpross said...

Barring events which may only be imaginable in the mind of Dick Cheney, in less than 2 weeks G. W. Bush will no longer be President. At that point I think his need for such religious associations will substantially diminish.