Sunday, April 26, 2009

First Grandfather Pic

My first picture as a grandfather. Candi smiles. James William Rex Clark yawns.


stats said...

Congrats Bruce!


That Baptist Ain't Right said...


grandma1 said...

I am very pleased at James name. I called Aunt Dena and she is thrilled too. Your Dad would be so proud.



Bill Jones said...

Congratulations, Bruce! Joanna and I have found grandparenting more fun than we ever imagined (our granddaughter turns 19 months tomorrow, and we just finished an evening of babysitting - always a great time), and I know you and Kylene will find it the same. You have a handsome grandson and a beautiful family.

Paul W Gray said...

Congratulations, Bruce! My first grandchild, Kate Elaine Fobart, was born on April 3rd. Check my Gray Matters blog, or Facebook, for pictures.

Best regards, Paul