Saturday, August 01, 2009

Norman Transcript Errs in New Baptist Covenant Story

Todays Norman Transcript has a frontpage headline story about former President Carter coming to Norman to speak at the midwest regional meeting of the New Baptist Covenant. The paper says Carter will be speaking to more than 15,000.

For the record, as our press releases and website reveal, Carter spoke to more than 15,000 people in Atlanta in January 2008. In Norman, we would be happy to have him speaking to 1,500. Maximum seating at Norman's Convention Center is only around 2,500.

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Christiane said...

In today's world Jimmy Carter's speech may go to many more than fifteen thousand through the media.
His speech may also be read and heard by those who have yet to be born.

If God is with Pres. Carter, you cna bet the speech can and will have the audience that God intends for it to have.

Realizing our human limits bespeaks humility.
Acknowledging God's power to use us as He chooses: this is also a sign of humility.