Saturday, August 08, 2009

Regarding AP Coverage of the New Baptist Covenant Meeting in Norman

Having responded to no less than five of the six e-mails that I received on August 5th alone from the reporter for the Oklahoma office Associated Press, I was suprised to read misleading statements in the coverage of the New Baptist Covenant meeting that could have easily been corrected by a simple inquiry by e-mail.

Here is a copy of an e-mail that I recently sent to Oklahoma AP Reporter Murray Evans:

Dear Murray,

I am disappointed to find that your coverage of the New Baptist Covenant meeting as recorded in the Georgia Ledger Inquirer leaves the impression that Anthony Jordan, Executive Secretary of the Baptist General Convention of Oklahoma was slighted by the steering committee of the New Baptist Covenant.

Actually, he was honored with an invitation that was not extended to the leader of any other Baptist convention in our region.

Former President Carter held a private luncheon with the members and spouses of the steering committee that organized the Midwest Regional Meeting of the New Baptist Covenant. As a courtesy, we extended an invitation to Anthony Jordan that was not extended to anyone else who was not a member of our steering committee. When Dr. Jordan responded that he and his spouse would not be able to attend, we went a second mile and extended an invitation to a member of his staff and spouse. There was no response to that invitation.

Invitations to attend our meeting were extended to all the public by news stories and paid advertisements in several local newspapers including the Oklahoman.

Knowing how careful you were to abide by all the security precautions that would be necessary for former President Carter's visit, I trust that you will be equally as careful to correct any misperceptions that might arise from your report.


Dr. Bruce Prescott
Chair, Steering Committee for the Midwest Region Meeting of the New Baptist Covenant

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