Wednesday, March 02, 2011

News Reports of the Prescott-Kern Debate Over the Constitution

Several news reports about my recent debate with Steve Kern over the Constitution and Christian Nationalism have appeared. Here are some links:

Red Dirt Report: America's Alleged Christian Roots Debated in Packed Room at OCCC

Oklahoma Gazette: Separation Deliberation

The Oklahoman: Preachers Debate Whether Founding Fathers Set Forth a Christian Nation (To appear in the print version Saturday)

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John Anngeister said...

Great job, Dr. Prescott - I read all six parts of your presentation and the three news articles. Yours is really one of the best short defenses of religious liberty I have seen.

These important arguments need to be made by Christians like us with the same frequency as they are made by well-meaning atheists - so that narrow-minded Christians cannot pigeon-hole the argument as an anti-religion stance.