Friday, July 22, 2011

Richard Land Lies Again

Brian Kaylor and Robert Parham at Ethics Daily are calling out Richard Land, head of the Ethics and Religious Liberty Commission Southern Baptist Convention for telling lies and slandering the names of the President and the First Lady.

On his SBC produced radio program, Richard Land said President Obama was "living like a playboy" in the White House and accused him of travelling more and spending more money than any other White House.  Land also accused Michelle Obama of making a "tenfold" increase in the staff for the First Lady.  Kaylor provides documentation that both allegations are false.

Land obviously intends to defame the President and the First Lady by making them appear profligate both fiscally and morally.  The term "playboy" is clearly associated in the public mind with persons who live a licentious lifestyle.  Land also appears intent on inflaming indignation against the President and his wife for extravagant living at a time of fiscal belt tightening in both the national budget and in the budgets of families across the country.

Richard Land is no stranger to the art of lying to promote the political agenda of the religious right. He's been a leader in that movement for more than thirty years.

Robert Parham, Executive Director of Ethics Daily, calls for an apology from Richard Land:

"These are egregious errors. But his assertion that the president lives like a playboy is strikingly shameful and completely unacceptable for a Christian minister."

"Frank Page, the SBC's chief executive officer, and Bryan Wright, the SBC's elected president, should insist that Land publicly apologize for his malicious playboy statement and correct the record," said Parham. "They should issue a letter of apology to the president. Unless they distance themselves and the SBC from such statements, then they allow Land to present Southern Baptists as a malicious and untruthful people. If they are silent, then they make a mockery of the 2011 SBC resolution calling for civility in public discourse."

Parham is right.  It is inexcusable for a religious ethicist, representing one of the largest religious bodies in America, to publicly pronounce such slander and libel against the President and his wife.

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Mike said...

It should come as no surprise that someone in a position such as Mr. Land, a leader in a denomination which was founded largely as a response to the growing abolitionist movement that the South found so vile and anti-biblical, would make statements such as this. The SBC has been a strong supporter for decades of anything which the Republican Party endorses. And the fact the we have a President who is not only a Democrat, but a black man, makes the collective Southern Baptist leadership enraged. Bigotry and racism is part of the historical foundation of the SBC. It has been an ever-present undercurrent in their organization. It should come as no surprise when it rears its head on occasion.