Monday, July 11, 2011

Southern Baptists Plot to Influence Presidential Election

Brian Kaylor at Ethics Daily has been keeping an eye on televangelist James Robison and his cabal of Religious Right leaders who are organizing to influence the 2012 U.S. presidential election.  Robison clothes his political organizing in the piety of a prayer meeting but you can be sure that the outcome will have more to do with power politics than with a spiritual revival.

Robinson listed the participants at his
"Supernatural Gathering" on his blog.  The names of the Southern Baptists on the list reads like a "Who's Who" from the days of the fundamentalist takeover of the SBC:

Jim and Jane Hylton, Jim Hylton Ministries, Fort Worth, TX
Dr. Robert Jeffress, First Baptist Church, Dallas, TX
Dr. Richard Land, SBC’s Ethics & Religious Liberty Commission
John Meador, First Baptist Church, Euless,TX
Paige Patterson, Southwestern Baptist Theological Seminary, Fort Worth, TX
Gary Phillips, Executive Pastor, First Baptist Church, Euless, TX
Bob Reccord, Council for National Policy, Washington, DC

Bob Roberts, Northwood Church, Keller, TX

Jack Graham of Prestonwood Baptist Church in Plano, TX and O.S. Hawkins of the SBC's Guidestone Financial Resources helped initiate the meeting but were unable to attend.

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R Ray said...

My wife and I left the Baptist church ten years ago due to the fundamentalist drift of the SBC. While now members of the United Methodist Church, we firmly support CBF and BGCT. We continue to closely follow "moderate" Baptist activities. I continue to be frustrated by some SBC leaders who seem to think they own the Republican party. But, I am also frustrated by many so-called moderate Baptist voices, like Ethics Daily, who clearly support the policies of the political left while attacking more fundamentalist Baptists for supporting the political right.
While the social gospel is certainly an important part of Christ's teaching, let's not "muddy it up" by inserting a political agenda into it.
As the bumper sticker says, "God is not a Republican or a Democrat."
Ron Ray