Friday, August 12, 2011

Don't Mess with Dublin Dr Pepper

The first church I pastored was at Clairette, Texas which is 15 miles east of Dublin "Dr Pepper" Texas on Texas Highway 6.  Dublin is the oldest existing Dr Pepper bottler and it never switched its recipe from pure sugar to cane syrup.  Dr Pepper fans who know the taste difference are fiercely loyal fans to those who use the original recipe.

Dr Pepper Snapple, however, is suing Dr Pepper Dublin for selling their product outside a restricted territory.  I'm a fan of Dr Pepper Dublin.  I wish they were selling it in Oklahoma.

I confess that, at times, I too have trekked to Dublin to run a stash of it that I hide in my basement to serve for special occasions.  Don't mess with my Dublin Dr Pepper!

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juju said...

You can buy it at POPS in Arcadia ok just outside Edmond in the bottle and on fountain