Monday, August 22, 2011

Mainstream Media Slow to Catch on about Dominionism

Fred Clarkson has written an insightful blog in response to a column by Lisa Miller, published in the Washington Post, that attempted to brush off concerns about the religious extremism of many tea party activists. Miller erroneously equates criticism of these tea party activists with criticism of the broader evangelical movement. Then she offers a feeble defense for evangelical dominionism.

 Fred Clarkson founded the Talk-to-Action website which specializes in providing up-to-date information about Christian Reconstructionism, Dominionism, Christian Nationalism and right-wing political activism among both Catholic and Evangelical Christians.

 All these labels describe theological nuances and shades of meaning related to the degree to which the religious right opposes separation of religion and government and favors establishing Christianity by force of law.

 There is one word that describes the trajectory being traced by all these shades of meaning. That word is "theocracy."

 It is fairly clear that the mainstream media have little inclination or capacity to grasp the nuances of our definitions. Our discussion of the radical Christian right needs to be simplified enough for them to comprehend.

The people who have stepped to the forefront of our national politics are "theocrats" of one degree or another. I intend to call them that.

Frankly, the theocratic impulse we are seeing in politics today is more extreme than it has ever been in my lifetime.

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Paul W Gray said...

Note the connection of Rick Perry and Michele Bachmann to theocracy (dominionism) in this article from Newsweek/The Daily Beast: