Wednesday, November 16, 2011

Interfaith Invocation

A couple people have asked that post the invocation I gave at the Institute of Interfaith Dialog's Friendship Dinner and Awards Ceremony last night. Here it is:

Lord God,

Thank-you for this opportunity to come to the table of fellowship with friends of other faiths.

We are grateful for the relationships we are making with each other and with you.

We acknowledge that you created us, that you sustain us with your loving presence, and that you have brought us together to work together to preserve peace and promote understanding in our communities.

Thank-you for the love and concern of the Institute for Interfaith Dialog and those who organized this gathering and share the vision of an Interfaith Peace Garden.

May your peace be upon them.

Thank-you for the love and concern of those who have come to participate in this time of friendship and fellowship.

May your peace be upon them.

Thank-you for the nourishment that we are about to receive for our bodies and most of all, thank-you for the nourishment we are about to receive for our souls.

We celebrate our diversity today -- knowing that, ultimately, we all pray for the day when the whole world will come together around a common table of fellowship and friendship.

May your peace be upon all humanity.


1 comment:

JAH said...

I'm not big on public prayers offered on behalf of an audiance of many different faiths. It's a difficult task and remain faithful to one's own prayer convictions.

But, I believe Bruce NAILED the prayer concerns of the multiple faiths audience with this prayer.

I felt very comfortable participating in that time of prayer.

Good job, Bruce.

Jim Huff