Wednesday, January 09, 2013

Mary Fallin and the Death Panel Governors

Terrence Heath in an essay on the Campaign for America's Future weblog uncovers the rationale underlying the refusal of Medicaid expansion by ten GOP Governors:

Republican governors are standing up for a conservative health care reform principle articulated by conservative economist Tyler Cowen.

2. A rejection of health care egalitarianism, namely a recognition that the wealthy will purchase more and better health care than the poor. Trying to equalize health care consumption hurts the poor, since most feasible policies to do this take away cash from the poor, either directly or through the operation of tax incidence. We need to accept the principle that sometimes poor people will die just because they are poor. Some of you don’t like the sound of that, but we already let the wealthy enjoy all sorts of other goods — most importantly status — which lengthen their lives and which the poor enjoy to a much lesser degree. We shouldn’t screw up our health care institutions by being determined to fight inegalitarian principles for one very select set of factors which determine health care outcomes.

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