Friday, June 20, 2008

Shuttleworth Receives Award From Whitsitt Society

1 minute video of civil rights leader Fred Shuttlesworth responding to a question as he was recieving the Courage and Freedom Award from the Whitsitt Society in Memphis yesterday. Shuttlesworth is responding to a question about the title of his biography, A Fire You Can't Put Out. Biographer Andrew Manis hands Shuttleworth the microphone as he responds. Former Mercer President Kirby Godsey stands in the background.

Manis has already explained that the title of the book came from a statement that Shuttleworth made to the Chief of Police in Birmingham in the early 1960's on one of the many occassions when meetings at Shuttleworth's church were disrupted due to reports that there was a fire at his church.

I'll post higher quality video and audio of the award ceremony next week.

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Dr. Glenn Jonas said...

Thanks for posting this. It was one of the best moments for me at the CBF and the appropriate place for it, given that Dr. King was assassinated just down the road from where the award was given.

Shuttlesworth is truly a great hero of the Civil Rights Movement and I wish that there had been some more publicity about this award. Thanks for bringing attention to it.