Thursday, July 22, 2010

Will Faith Overcome Fear?

Drew Smith, Director of International Programs at Henderson State University in Arkansas, has a thoughtful essay on Ethics Daily entitled "Faith vs. Fear."  He laments how fear seems to have prevailed over faith among American Christians throughout the last decade:
What shocks me the most about all of this rhetoric is that many Christians have bought into fear as a thoughtful reaction to terrorism, immigration, heathcare and many other important issues. Yet, the reality is that if we surrender to fear, our faith in God and in one another will diminish, and we will become less than the humans we were created to be. We will become fear-induced extremists instead of humans made in the image of God who are commanded to love others and to do good.
Frankly, in my opinion, far too many preachers are like a certain breed of politicians who turn up the spigot of fear to manipulate public opinion and hold onto power.

As long as the laity are inclined to let their preachers and politicians do all their thinking for them, both faith and democracy will remain in decline.

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