Monday, May 24, 2010

Baptists, Big Government & Rand Paul

Richard Greener has posted an interesting article about Rand Paul at the Huffington Post. Greener's focus is on what he calls Rand Paul's "transparent hypocrisy." His comments about Baptist institutions in Texas and Georgia caught my attention:
To become a doctor, Rand Paul had to go to college. No home schooling allowed. He attended Baylor University in Waco, Texas. Space does not permit the full listing of federal monies that flow into the coffers at this institution. But, take away the federal student loans and grants that help pay the bills at Baylor and that school is probably closed up tight. Strip away their tax exemptions -- and their donor's write-offs too -- and your university becomes an empty shell. After Baylor, Rand Paul went to medical school where his father did, Duke University in North Carolina - known below the Mason-Dixon line as the Princeton of the South. Fine school, but the amount of public money at Duke makes Baylor look like a beggar in a bad neighborhood.

After graduation, Dr. Rand Paul continued his medical training at what was then called Georgia Baptist Hospital in Atlanta. Georgia Baptist's attachment to the government teat was so fierce Duke and Baylor combined would have flinched. That hospital, now known as Atlanta Medical Center, and owned by healthcare giant Tenant, owes it very existence to government money. For 2009, the owners of the hospital that trained Dr. Rand Paul reported that 50.4% of its multi-billion dollar revenue came from these sources: Medicare, Medicaid and Managed Care Government. Employ any diagnostic test you like. You'll find no small government here, doctor. There are no libertarians in Accounts Receivable at Baylor, Duke or Georgia Baptist.

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