Wednesday, October 24, 2012

On "Vagina-gate" and Southern Baptists

Jerry Faught, formerly professor of Religion at Oklahoma Baptist University -- now Associate Professor of Religion and Wiley College, has an outstanding essay on the Religion Dispatches website on "vagina-gate" and how women are treated in the Southern Baptist Convention. Here's a quote:
The leaders of the Southern Baptist Convention are, across the board, hidebound fundamentalists who try to pass themselves off as conservatives. Unlike genuine conservatives however, fundamentalists hold to specific dogmas and then seek to impose these beliefs on others, especially persons who are members of the same church or denomination.

In any debate, they claim to be on God’s side of the argument—authentic dialogue with fundamentalists is not possible. Fundamentalists do not want to discuss issues honestly they are out to evangelize. You either come around to their way of thinking or they will gladly place you outside the boundaries of orthodoxy. Since their own theological positions are not subject to question the marginalization of others who are in disagreement is not only necessary but is a Christian duty.
Thanks, Dr. Faught for your astute observations. Read the full essay to see what Dr. Faught has to say about vaginas.

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