Thursday, November 29, 2012

First Month Geo-Thermal Energy Savings

About seven weeks ago we had a geo-thermal heat and air system installed in our poorly insulated all electric old house. That required drilling two 350 feet deep wells, digging five feet deep trenches to install water pipes from the wells to the house, drilling two holes through the concrete wall of our basement to get the water pipes into the basement, installing a dual water pump to pump the water in and out of the house to the wells, installing a 3 ton Climate Master 27 HVAC system with extensive sheet metal fitting and replacement air duct work. We also had to replace the electrical breaker box at the house to get it up to the standard for building codes. In brief, this was a BIG job!

The team of workers and contractors working with Waggoner's Heat & Air were terrific. They all did top notch work.

I've been monitoring our energy usage since the day it was installed. Today I got the bill for the first full month using the geo-thermal system. We used 919 KWH. Between 2001 and 2011 our average energy usage for the month of November was 2118 KWH. The highest month was November 2002 when we used 3800 KWH and the lowest month was in 2007 when we only used 1586 KWH.

Translated into dollars, we saved about $60.00 on our electric bill this month.

Norman, Oklahoma experienced unusually warm and mild weather for the month of November 2012 -- more akin to the weather in 2007 than the average. The real test for our new system will be at the extremes of heat and cold.

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Yogi♪♪♪ said...

I am seriously impressed. The geothermal system you have is top notch. It sounds very expensive though. I'll be interested in your experience as time goes on.

The lower discharge pressures on your air conditioning refrigerant compressor should cut down tremendously on maintenance as time goes by also, compared to a conventional system.