Tuesday, December 13, 2005

On Truthless Art

I discovered a remarkable contrast to the superlative artistry of Harold Pinter. The Woodstock Guild of Artists has been accused of abdicating the field of political image making:

It is to note that is this case, the artists abdicated. Universally.

No czar or commissar told them to, no corporate sponsor paid them to, nobody from Homeland Security came around and hinted that they would be taking names, no influential critic said the age of relevance is dead, no greedy gallery owner said I can't sell anything with a political or social theme.

It is to suggest that this is symptomatic of "art" in general.

It is content to leave political image making to Karl Rove and Osama bin Laden. To leave social statements to Target and Toyota -- yes, "consume, consume, consume" to the neglect of anything else, is a social statement.

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