Wednesday, December 07, 2005

Rediscovering the Real America

Ethics Daily has posted an essay by former President Jimmy Carter entitled "This isn't the Real America."

This essay is a good introduction to some of what Carter says in his new book, "Our Endangered Values."

I highly recommend this book. Scores of people recommended it to me because it speaks about the fundamentalism of those who are running our government and the takeover of the Southern Baptist Convention. Now that I have read the book myself, I can say that it does a good job of introducing non-Baptists to the facts of the SBC takeover and the influence of fundamentalism, particularly dispensational premillenialism, on our foreign policy.

The book's strength, however, is that it explains in the simplest terms that the current administration is caught in a web of lies and misrepresentations, that the war in Iraq is "unjust," that the intelligence that led us to war was "fixed," that our government is guilty of violating the Geneva Conventions by employing torture (sometimes to the point of the death of detainees) gathering information, that our foreign policy in regard to North Korea, Syria and Iran is on a path that leads to greater conflict and war rather than to peace, and that civil rights guaranteed American citizens since the founding of our country are in danger of being permanently relinquished. And, there's a lot more than this in Jimmy Carter's new book.

Simply put, "Our Endangered Values" is essential reading for modern Americans.

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