Thursday, June 08, 2006

A Pleasant Surprise

I was pleasantly surprised last night when I went to the CrossWalk America meeting at Mayflower Congregational Church in Oklahoma City.

I went to meet Rebecca Glenn who had been my guest on the "Religious Talk" radio program last Sunday. I wanted to hear more about the walk she is making from Phoenix to Washington, D.C. trying to get moderate and progressive Christians to speak out about their faith in a God of love. I also wanted to meet Eric Elnes, her pastor, who is the other co-chair of CrossWalk America.

AS they projected slides of the cities and churches they visited and the people that they had met, I looked for a familiar face. A number of people walked with them in Albuquerque, N.M. -- my home town, home to my high school and college alma maters -- I recognized the street on which they were walking, but none of the faces. They spent some time in Clovis, N.M. -- near Portales, N.M. where my wife was born and an area where my wife has relatives -- but still there were no familiar faces. When they got to Hereford, Texas and projected the face of the pastor of Fellowship Church -- I found my familiar face.

Tracy Dunn Nolan, still a Mainstream Oklahoma Baptist -- even if she now resides in Texas, is pastor of Fellowship Church in Hereford. Formerly on the staff of Spring Creek Baptist Church in Oklahoma City, she's one of hundreds of Baptist Women who have been called by God to pastoral ministry but who have been overlooked by moderate Baptist Churches and excluded by Southern Baptist Churches when they call a pastor.

I'll try to find a picture of Tracy and post it over the next few days.


Big Daddy Weave said...

Dr. Prescott,

I recently read that Wade Burleson once wrote a "95 Theses Against the Formation of the CBF (in OK)."

Burleson on CBFO

I can't seem to find a copy of these "95 Theses" online. Do you by chance have a link or know where I might find a copy of this document? On a comment in his blog today, Wade claimed that he is "Hated By the CBF." I'm wondering what kind of venom he spewed towards the organizers of CBF-Oklahoma back in 1992.

One Sided said...

I am a Southern Baptist and I find that I do not take exception to your comments. I had no idea Mainstream Baptist existed. I am headed to Oklahoma City this weekend to vist the grandkids. I hope time allows to attend services and I can talk the other Southern Baptist in hte family to take a look with me.