Tuesday, July 10, 2007

Scarborough Launches Political Crusade in Baptist Churches

Don Wilkey has posted a story about Rick Scarborough's New Crusade on the Talk to Action website. Scarborough is a key leader among Texas Baptist Fundamentalists who heads Vision America, a theocratic right get-out-the-vote machine. Here's a quote from Wilkey:

Rick Scarborough's new idea of a crusade -- launched in Lufkin, Texas on July 5th -- is a radical departure from his past. His mentor, the late Jerry Falwell claimed in a PBS documentary on the Religious Right, that the old idea that holding revivals and winning converts meant the nation would move in the right direction was flawed. Rick used to hold revival meetings known in those circles often as "crusades," in which unchurched people were called upon to profess faith in Christ and Christians were called to turn from sin and resume following Jesus.

Now Rick's idea of leading a Crusade has more to do with calling people to get involved in politics, specifically the right wing of the GOP. Rick used to give an invitation at the end of his earlier crusades asking people to come forward to respond to Christ. Recently it was reported that Rick uses the same technique to invite people to sign-up for the Republican Party.

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TammyJo58 said...

It was only a matter of time before some "man of God" crossed the line between winning souls for Jesus to winning votes for the GOP. What an abomination!