Thursday, August 23, 2007

North Carolina Baptist Women Separate from Fundamentalist Men

Three cheers for the Women's Missionary Union in North Carolina. ABP is reporting that they have separated themselves from the Fundamentalist dominated state convention. Here's a quote:

WMU-NC wants to resource other Baptist entities in mission education and involvement, Fulbright said. That includes assistance to churches that affiliate with other denominations and with bodies such as the Cooperative Baptist Fellowship and the Baptist World Alliance. The SBC’s conservative leaders have been highly critical of both groups.

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bowtiebaptist said...


I wish that WMU could become self-sufficient in all states. The real shame is that we can never reclaim Lottie Moon because the Fundamentalists will never give up the offering to support the IMB. I suspect that if Lottie were alive today she would be a moderate. She was from Virginia and she did preach on occasion