Friday, August 31, 2007

NorthHaven Opens

NorthHaven Church, a new church start in Norman, Oklahoma affiliated with the Cooperative Baptist Fellowship, will conduct its first worship service at its own facilities this Sunday.

Today, the church is being featured in the religion section of the Norman Transcript. Here's a quote from pastor Mitch Randall:

Randall said the 12,000 square-foot building houses a sanctuary/fellowship hall, offices, a conference room and a special detail.

"They wanted to create a wing of the building or a specific room that's dedicated primarily to community activities," he explained.

Church members would like to open the church to neighborhood associations and community organizations, Randall said. The public can reserve any of the rooms by calling the church office.
For the record, the initial suggestion to that the church add a room for the use of community organizations came from Dr. Rick McClatchy in discussions that preceeded the formal organization of the church. At the time, McClatchy was Coordinator of the Cooperating Baptist Fellowship of Oklahoma. Now he is Coordinator of the Cooperative Baptist Fellowship of Texas.

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Michael Westmoreland-White said...

Great! Now, if it becomes a partner congregation of the BPFNA, sponsors BWIM, sends folks to the New Baptist Covenant meeting, and starts having partner congregations in the 2/3 world through the Baptist World Alliance, think what a transforming presence it will be in Oklahoma. Well, ok, it just opened its doors. Maybe it shouldn't try to tackle everything at once. :-)