Thursday, December 27, 2007

Gothard, Huckabee and the SBC

Ethics Daily has posted an insightful update on the relationship of Bill Gothard and the fundamentalists within the Southern Baptist Convention. Gothard recently attended a private fundraiser for Mike Huckabee with Paul Pressler, Rick Scarborough, and Christian Reconstructionist political organizer Steven Hotze.

Gothard's "chain-of-command" theology has been enshrined in the family statement of the Baptist Faith and Message adopted in 1998 and creedalized in 2000. Huckabee has publicly endorsed the 2000 Baptist Faith and Message.

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James Sundquist said...

Dear Bruce Prescott,

I see your post about Huckabee/Gothard alliance.

I have an article I can email in which Gothard says the God might judge and woman and terminate her pregnancy if she does not tithe. So if you would like a copy, email me at

Huckabee and his church also promote Rick Warren. I wrote two books exposing him, published by Southwest Radio Ministries, right in your own State of Oklahoma.

Kindest regards,

James Sundquist