Wednesday, November 05, 2008

On the Revival of Democracy

Evangelical Christians have long been praying that the United States would experience a third great awakening. Yesterday, when Barack Obama was elected President of the United States, they witnessed the most profound confirmation imaginable that their prayers have been answered.

Ironically, evangelical Christians (mostly Southern Baptists) are the Americans least likely to perceive that a new spiritual awakening has dawned upon our land. More than any other single group in this country, they are blind to the hand of Providence that has become visible at this moment.

A prodigal nation has come home. A loving father is running out to meet us with rings and new robes. The barbeque pit is smoking and the entire world is prepared to join the celebration. Only, the father's elder sons are missing.

Come to the party, evangelicals! This is truly one of democracy's finest hours.


P M Prescott said...

Evangelicals are the fools who's money has been parted from them, but fortunately the rest of the country wised up

Glenn Jonas said...

Very good word Bruce. May it be so!

That Baptist Ain't Right said...

Is there hope for the SBC?

Retired At 40 said...

A Southern Baptist with some common sense. Thank you Mr. Prescott!

Steve Schuler said...

Your words give me hope. It is so nice to find Christians who like myself, an "agnostic", who are hopeful that the election of Obama might indicate not only a political shift in America, but a spiritual one as well.