Wednesday, October 05, 2011

Beware Kenmore Appliances

More than a month ago I posted a blog warning readers to beware Kemore refrigerators. At that time I was disgusted with the service I was (not) receiving on my Kenmore Elite refrigerator.

Purchased in October 2007 for in excess of $1800.00, my refrigerator has a 5 year warranty on the compressor and cooling system. In mid-August it stopped working. A repairman replaced a switch, charged me $295.00 for the repair and my refrigerator worked for another couple weeks. It has not worked since August 29th at the latest.

More than two weeks later, on September 12th Sears sent the repairman to look at my refrigerator again. He decided that it was missing freon and added some red dye freon that was supposed to make it work again and would let him determine where the freon was leaking. He said the refrigerator had to run for at least ten days before it circulated through the entire system and then he would come back to check it again. The refrigerator never did cool again and ran up my electric bill while it tried.

On October 3rd the repairman returned to check on my refrigerator. At that time he determined that the refrigerator could not be fixed and put a sticker on it that said it should be scrapped. He advised me that customer service would contact me within 24 hours to talk about replacing it.

24 hours later, at 10:30 AM on October 4th I had not heard from Sears and contacted customer service myself. Customer service advised me that someone would call me back in a couple hours.

Today, at 12:30 PM I still had not heard from Sears and went in person to talk to a manager at the Sears store where I purchased the refrigerator. I talked with a Heyward Chaplain who told me that my case was being handled by a Shannon Ross (or Roth) with Customer Solutions and that he would get in touch with me this afternoon.

3 hours later and I am still waiting.

How long should I wait for Sears to get their act together? Does anybody think this is a reasonable form of customer service?


Dan Nerren said...

glychI sounds to me like you are getting the shaft. Here, in the Tulsa area, Channel 2 News will investigate such complaints. They call it "2 News Problems Solvers." The threat of bad publicity is usually enough to make the offending companies do the right thing. Do any of the local stations in the OKC market have anything like this?

Dr. Bruce Prescott said...

Just got a call from Shannon Ross from Sears. He advised me that they will replace the refrigerator with a refrigerator from Sears of my choosing up to the value of the original purchase price ($1599.99) of the Kenmore Elite that I purchased in October 2007.

Flee said...

After an old classmate complained about her kenmore appliances tonight, the elite models, I googled for complaints and boy are there a bunch. There is a class action law suit as well as a whole bunch of recalls. Here is one link-

I will not be buying elite models.