Wednesday, November 17, 2004

Holding Baptist Republican's Feet to the Fire

Kudo's to Robert Parham for setting a clear agenda for the public witness of Ethics Daily. One of his objectives is to begin expecting Baptist Republican's to work to exercise influence on their party that accords with their Baptist Heritage. Here's what Parman says:
A sharper justice commitment means that we will challenge the religious right’s anointment of the GOP, as God’s Only Party. We will take on the religious right’s definition of the nation’s moral agenda and refuse to let those off the hook who enable the right’s distortions. We will expose the religious right’s hypocrisy, point out its idolatry of nationalism and critique its campaign promise to strengthen families based on false fears and faulty analysis.

Equally important, we will look for opportunities to highlight the leadership of Democrats and Independents who are active Christians, as a way to counteract the lie that the only Christians are Republicans. We will encourage Baptist Republicans to remain true to their Baptist heritage and faithful to the biblical witness.

I'll second what Parman says with a hearty Amen! It's time for the Mainstream Baptists who are Republicans to start exerting some influence within their party to preserve separation of church and state.

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