Tuesday, November 23, 2004

On Fundamentalists Taking Over Moderate Churches

Kudos to Rick Jordan for his column today on Ethics Daily that discusses "Moderate Pulpits: The Next Target." He writes,

Anecdotal stories of “stealth fundamentalists” interviewing for known-moderate churches are abundant. Sometimes these ministers will say whatever it takes to convince a search committee that they are the one to present to the church.

Jordan gives some good advice on how to prevent Fundamentalists from taking over your church. Jordan is right to contend that the key is an informed laity.

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Anonymous said...

Ok, so an informed laity is the key. HOW does that happen? Do you just ask to have a meeting? Is there one way that might be better than another to share these positive things about CBF or moderate baptist causes without coming across as a liberal heretic?

Most church members that know nothing of CBF will automatically turn a deaf ear, how can we inform them of the truth?