Tuesday, November 14, 2006

Goldberg Speaks to Packed House at TFN

Michelle Goldberg autographs a copy (mine) of her best-selling book, Kingdom Coming: The Rise of Christian Nationalism, at the Texas Freedom Network Forum in San Antonio, Texas.

Not only does she write well, she speaks well.

Yep, she's a lefty.

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foxofbama said...

I agree, the Huffington piece she wrote is good stuff, possible outdone only by the stellar piece by Eyal Press in the Nation "In God's Country" you can read online at www.thenation.com
Prescott, check my blog. I was telling our Friend Don Wilkey while yall were stokin with Goldberg in Texas, tonight I was in a history makin event of my own in Alabama; rather I was a small player in a room full of folks who are makin history.