Tuesday, November 14, 2006

A Lonely Samurai

A Blogger who uses the name Spiritual Samurai has been blogging criticizing the BGCT Executives, the Executive Board, President Michael Bell, the Mainstream Texas organization, the messengers at the convention, and Baptists who did not attend this year's annual meeting.

The scope and breadth of his criticisms ought to give some idea of how isolated he has made himself.

Underlying his sometimes paranoid rants is his desire to limit the Convention's response to "Valleygate" to prosecuting those who defrauded the Convention. The Executive Board recommended that both the option of seeking restitution be considered and that prosecution be considered. The Executive Board would decide the full range of the response after further research.

My experience with District Attorney's in the state of Texas is that they have no inclination to pursue criminal prosecutions when the goal is restitution. They will refer complainants to civil courts when that is the goal.

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David said...

Dear Dr. Prescott,

You have always been a champion for relgious liberty. I remember when I first met you at the TBC offices near S. Main Baptist church in Houston. You rather enjoyed and used my paranoid sense of judgment then.

Have you become like David? Your world in Oklahoma is a lot different that here. I feel you think what I am doing will open the door to fundamentalist, I am saying if I don't keep speaking out till this thing is done then I believe even the fundamentalist will not want what is left. Sorry I have fallen so low in you book. I still think highly of you.

David Montoya
Spiritual Samurai