Saturday, October 31, 2009

Disgusted with Dell (Updated)

I've been waiting for months for Intel to release their mobile Core i7 processors so I could upgrade my laptop. Intel released them in September.

On September 24th I placed an order for a Dell XPS 16 with a core i7 processor. It was not cheap, so I took advantage of the offer for 0% interest for 12 months if I opened a credit account with Dell. At that time the promised delivery date was October 28th.

On October 23rd I received an e-mail from Dell stating that the delivery date had been postponed until November 5th.

Today I logged onto my Dell account to check on the status of my order. I discovered that Dell cancelled my September 24th order and placed an identical order for me on October 29th with a delivery date of November 29th. All without notifying me of anything.

I called Dell customer service to find out what was going on. The wait time to get to a customer service representative was more than 5 minutes. After talking with the first representative, I was switched to 4 different customer service representatives -- each time with a wait time of more than five minutes. The representatives told me that there was a problem with the configuration that they had promised me and that they had to change the order. Since the orders appeared to be identical, I asked them what the difference was between the orders. None of them could tell me that.

More than two full months to wait for delivery of a computer is longer than I think reasonable. I told the last representative to cancel my order. I have no intention of ever buying another computer from Dell.

The Customer Service Representative told me that he could not cancel the order and that I would have to call back to Dell to cancel the order next week. I told him that the order I placed was already cancelled. I did not place the order on October 29th, Dell did. I have no intention of calling back to cancel an order that I never placed.

We'll see how this plays out. Right now, I'm about to switch to an HP laptop. Here's a link that shows HP can deliver a Core i7 laptop in two days.

Update 9:50AM 11/2/09: I called Dell again this morning to try to get them to cancel the order they placed in my name on 10/29/09. I did not place an order on 10/29/09. I placed my order on 9/24/09 and they cancelled that order without notifying me of the cancellation. I was on hold for 25 minutes before reaching a Customer Service Representative. She told me that they could not cancel the order. The order is now scheduled for delivery on 11/25/09. I advised her that I would refuse delivery of the computer.

Update 11:00AM 11/2/09: HP may be able to deliver in two days, but their laptop frequency of repair record -- according to Consumer Reports -- is not impressive. Neither is Dell's any more. I just ordered a Toshiba. Their laptop frequency of repair record is impressive. Toshiba can deliver in one to two weeks.

Update 12:25PM 11/2/09 Lisa Grimes with Sales Operations from Dell sent me an e-mail advising me that she had read my blog and wanted to assist me. I asked her to cancel the order from Dell. She did.


Tauratinzwe said...

I'm headed the same direction with Dell. I'm not happy with mine at home and we've had lots of customer service problems with them at work. It seems that with regard to them customer service means the customer serves the company, not the other way around.

dave rattan said...

Go Mac!

Gary Snowden said...

I've been a Toshiba user for a number of years now and overall the service has been very good. Hope yours is as well.

Dr. Bruce Prescott said...


I've been using Dell's for the past twelve years.

I've heard good things about Toshiba's. I'll know how they stack up soon enough.

P M Prescott said...

When I bought my Toshiba laptop the screen started melting as plasma screens sometimes do. i sent it to the manufacturer, they returned it and I've had no trouble mechanically since. Windows Vista is another story.
I'm using a Dell desk top at work with XP and it does fair.
Interesting that Dell is googling the internet for upset customers.